Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turning from 11 to 7ish

So we're dialing back a little after some recent changes that I've noticed. First, obviously, the economy isn't what it was and NJ Transit told me as much in the recent email I got from them. Second, East Newark appears to have torn up all of the remaining railroad ties on the border with Kearny, so new tracks would have to be laid, which would take extra money. Harrison hasn't gotten that far yet but it's not a stretch to see them following suit very soon.

Montclair hasn't given us any information at all. Neither has Glen Ridge, Nutley or Bloomfield. Those three are key to pushing further along the Newark Industrial tracks (yes, thanks to some very wonderful people on's forum pages, I have better information about the tracks I'm hoping to work with).

At the moment I'm revamping the graphics associated with the proposal but for those interested I'm leaving the bulk of the text in place. New graphics will be added within a day or two.

Oh and for the title of the post: I had turned this up to 11 (reference to "This Is Spinal Tap," don't worry if you didn't get it) but now need to dial it back to 7ish or so.

Last but not least, the proposal link: